"Arne Nordheim´s Concerto is an ambitious work in one restless 30-minute movement. At times in this work, Mr. Nordheim seems a Norwegian Messian. The soloist, violinist Arve Tellefsen, dispatched both the pensive lyrical passages and the bursts of frenzied virtuosic writing (including obsessive, harmonically eerie arpeggios) with impressive authority."
Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times, November 8, 2005

"...Tellefsen spun out a transfixing melodic line. His sound was rich and beautifully colored, with sufficient litheness to save it from schmaltz; but most impressive were the patience and assurance with which he shaped the course of his monologue, carefully charting its crests and gathering its long span into a single unified utterance. 
Tellefsen´s fiery execution of the mammoth cadenza was gripping, and he tore into the ensuing Burlesca with winning vitality."
Shostakovich Violin Concerto
San Francisco Symphony Orchestra/Blomstedt

San Francisco Chronicle

"Tellefsen proved an extraordinary patrician and resourceful interpreter.
He exhibits a pointed sound, amazing facility in passagework and the flair to dispatch the cadenza without shrinking from its demands.
The performance seemed organically wrought, with every measure contributing one stone to a grand edifice."
Shostakovich Violin Concerto
San Francisco Symphony Orchestra/Blomstedt

San Francisco Examiner

"Tellefsen´s playing is seemingly effortless. He picks out every slight phrase, not just the melody biggies, making a deeper sense of the work. His projection was penetrating, even on the deeper notes of ascending scalic passages with full orchestra. This, coupled with his troppo trilling and light vibrato, was very attractive.
He phrases concisely without clipping and made the solo line sound like a sublime voice."
Beethoven Violin Concerto
London Philharmonic Orchestra/Handley

The Strad

"Arve Tellefsen played the concerto most impressivly and made the point of the long and structurally important cadenza even more clearly than Oistrakh does in his recording."
Shostakovich Concerto No.1
Hallé Orchestra/Jansons


"Tellefsen is an impressive and eloquent player who is, it goes without saying, completely inside the idiom and I listened to his playing with great pleasure."
Nielsen Violin Concerto
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/Menuhin


"... Tellefsen was outstanding. He is somebody you don't easily forget."
Jan Garbarek: Peace
Nielsen: Sonata No.2
Staffan Scheja Piano

New York Post

"Arve Tellefsen, whose extreme virtuosity was something of a revelation. Rich in tone, sensitive to every nuance, with a thrust and energy of phrasing that gave meaning to every paragraph, Tellefsen proved himself an artist of considerable achievement."
Sibelius Violin Concerto
Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra/Jansons

Yorkshire Post

"Arve Tellefsen's interpretation, technically and idiomatically, must, on both his performance and on his recording of the work be considered the most authoritative of our time. The transformation from serene beauty to extreme difficulty, which marks both movements was negotiated with an ease and mastery."
Nielsen Violin Concerto
Hallé Orchestra/Schmidt

Daily Telegraph

"Mr. Tellefsen seemed a classical interpreter par excellense."
Times, London

"The violinist possesses a faultless technique, strict precicion and brilliant tone."
Le Soir, Bruxelles

"Arve Tellefsen played the grand style of the virtuoso, and his trollish temperament sang and played so that the music sparkled. Fantastic."
Politiken, Copenhagen

"A seemingly inexhaustible reservoir of power and energy, in addition to a steeled virtuosity that ensure an excellent prognosis for this violinist."
Die Welt